Antiox Plus (3 pack) 60 per bottle

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New Antiox Plus replaces OPC Plus and Acai Plus

Antiox Plus is a potent multi-antioxidant designed to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals and inflammation. Researchers’ acknowledge that free radical damage to cell structures is the beginning of many disease processes. Increasing antioxidant intake from foods and supplements can help prevent accelerated aging of body tissue and help balance immune system responses such as prostaglandin and cytokine production.


The major body systems targeted by Antiox Plus are:

Cardiovascular support:

To help maintain good blood flow especially to extremities including feet and hands. Most of the ingredients, especially OPC help with this.

Respiratory health:

To help maintain airways and general respiratory health. OPC and Quercetin play a major role.

Immune Responses:

To help organize and help immune responses. Most of the ingredients help here but Quercetin has a major role.

Brain and nerve support:

OPC and some of the other antioxidants cross the blood-brain barrier to help with brain circulation and to protect nerves from damage. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a known protector of nerve cells.

Cell Aging

Accelerated cell aging is the main cause of premature aging. Resveratrol and OPC play a significant role.


Most of detoxification from environmental toxins and prescribed medications takes place in the liver. One of the most common causes of liver damage from medicines is paracetamol over-use. OPC (and the other antioxidants) help with detoxification. N- acetylcysteine is included to Antiox Plus primarily because it helps recycle the enzyme Glutathione which is depleted by long term paracetamol use. Maintaining good levels of Glutathione is essential for healthy liver function. It is worth noting that the main role of selenium in the body is the manufacture of Glutathione. Cell eXtra contains the maximum selenium permitted in NZ.

Caution: Do not use while on blood thinners without professional advice.

Each Capsule Contains

OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) from Grape Seed extract:      125mg

Blackcurrant extract (anthocyanidins)                                                25mg

Quercetin                                                                                             100mg

Bilberry extract (anthocyanidins)                                                        12.5mg

Green Tea extract                                                                                 50mg

Resveratrol                                                                                            50mg

Goji extract                                                                                            12.5mg

Reishi Mushroom extract                                                                       50mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid                                                                                    50mg

N Acetylcysteine                                                                                      25mg

Vitamin C                                                                                                 100mg

Trace minerals                                                                                           25mg


Take 1 -2 capsules daily after food or as directed by a health professional.

60 Capsules per bottle

Cautions: Adult use only; do not take if pregnant without advice from a health professional; May interfere with some medications especially blood thinners. Store away from direct sunlight; keep away from children.

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