Chondroitin: Forgotten Hero

Chondroitin: Forgotten hero If you use a joint supplement for osteoarthritis (OA) I want you to stop reading and get the bottle and check the amount of chondroitin sulphate (CS) in the daily dose. In most products CS will form 10-20% of the total formula. If your...

Balancing Cholesterol Naturally (Part 2)

Balancing cholesterol naturally (Part 2) Tangerine peel extract Last week I introduced the health benefits of compounds extracted from tangerine peel. These compounds are called polymethoxylated flavones, fortunately abbreviated to PMF’s. They may well be one of the...

Balancing Cholesterol Naturally (Part 1)

Balancing cholesterol naturally (Part 1) We are constantly being told that high cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. If this is the case then we would expect to find that people who have had heart attacks have high cholesterol. Reality though is very different....

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