There are three main reasons to trust Abundant Health Products.

1. The first is to understand that we do not make products to fit ‘market trends’ or to compete with other products. The foundation of each product is that it is made to meet certain health needs whether that is specific, for example Joint Health with Bettaflex or general well-being with Cell-X.

2. The actual Formula of each product. This is critical to the performance of each product. For example one of the reasons Cell-X works so well is that it is a true multi-mineral. We include all the major, trace and ultra trace minerals. That is why it works!

3. The Quality of ingredients. The world markets are flooded with low cost supplement raw materials. We choose the best we can find from reputable (often US sourced) ingredients. We regularly dismiss cheaper ingredients for well researched high grade ingredients. 

Nutritional Medicine seeks to improve health by using food and supplements to help correct imbalances and return body systems back to their correct state. Nutritional Medicine is based on using micronutrients such as minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other healing compounds to help balance cell chemistry that then helps to restore normal tissue function.

John Arts (Founder of Abundant Health) is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner (Adv.Dip.Nut.Med) and offers free advice to Abundant Health customers. 

To get advice either phone 0800 423 559 or email John Arts at john@abundant.co.nz

Almost everyone will develop joint problems in their lifetime. This can be anything from damage from accidents, wear and tear or specific problems such as osteoarthritis. The goal of nutritional therapy for joint health is based on supporting a number of joint processes often compromised by joint tissue degeneration. 

Two common factors in joint degeneration are damage to the cells (chondrocytes) that maintain and repair joint cartilage and misdirected immune responses that result in an imbalance in our inflammatory processes.

Bettaflex has been specifically formulated to support joint tissue function by adding chrondroitin and glucosamine to improve cartilage function and repair while the Curcumin (from turmeric) helps balance immune responses. We also recommend adding Abundant Health Omega 3 Fish oil to further balance immune responses.

There are some cases where adding additional Curcumin (from turmeric) can help stabilise stiff joints. In these circumstances we add Curcumin 95 to help calm stressed joints.

There are 3 main types of muscle tissue. There are the skeletal muscles needed for movement, our heart muscle  and the smooth muscle that lines our organs and blood vessels. Of course we notice our skeletal muscles when something is wrong with them. Many people have had muscle cramps at night and end up hopping around the bedroom trying to free up tight muscles.

Skeletal muscles muscles are very sensitive to nutrients especially minerals. Maintaining calcium/magnesium balance is needed for normal muscle contraction. Insufficient minerals can result in muscle tension and changes to muscle function. Adding Abundant Health Magnesium before bed can help to relax tense muscles for a more comfortable sleep. 

Maintaining good cardiovascular health is central to good health. This means making sure our heart circulation, heart muscle and heart rhythm are all functioning properly. It is well known that good food and appropriate exercise are important. Well formulated supplements can also help.

Which Abundant Health products help with cardiovascular health?

1. Cell-X: This contains the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help protect our heart arteries and all our blood vessels.

2. Omega 3 Fish oil: This helps to keep our blood flowing and helps maintain healthy blood vessels

3. Magnesium: Heart Rhythm problems can be an indication of low Magnesium. Abundant Health Rapid Absorption Magnesium is an ideal supplement to support heart rhythm.

4. CoQsol: This helps to maintain blood flow and to protect blood vessels from free radical damage. CoQsol is ideal nutritional support for those on cholesterol-lowering medication.

5. Acai Plus: This is a potent antioxidant to promote healthy circulation by helping with blood flow and blood vessel function.

6. MTQ10: This is ideal to support cardiovascular health  for those who are on cholesterol lowering medication, for good circulation and to help with natural energy release.

Note: See Cholesterol FAQ for Sytrinol and how this can help with Cholesterol Balance.

Our immune system helps protect us from bacterial, viral and fungal infections. It also helps our body to recover from injuries. Our immune system requires many micro nutrients to function properly. This includes  many minerals and vitamins. Our immune system is responsible for healing damage. This normally starts with the process of inflammation. Once tissue damage is recognised, our blood transports a variety of chemicals needed to heal the damage. This is a finely balanced process. We cannot heal without inflammation but prolonged or unnecessary inflammation can slow healing, worsen existing problems and over time can even create new problems.

Which Abundant Health supplements support our Immune system?

1. Cell-X: This contains the important vitamins and trace minerals such as selenium, zinc, copper and molybdenum our immune cells need to function properly.

2. Vitamin D: We now know that Vitamin D exerts significant influence over immune function. Abundant Health Vitamin D, especially in the cooler months, will help keep our Vitamin D at optimum levels for immune support.

3. Omega 3 Fish oil: This can help with the delicate balance of immune inflammatory processes.

4. OPC Plus: This has compounds such as OPC and Reishi mushroom extract that can help when our immune system is struggling.

A series of liver enzymes produce the cholesterol our bodies need. Sometimes, because of genetics, diet or lifestyle these can become imbalanced. Sytrinol® helps balance these enzymes thus promoting healthy cholesterol balance.

How does Sytrinol® work?

Sytrinol has 2 ingredients. The first are tocotrienols extracted from palm fruit. Tocotrienols belong to the greater vitamin E family. The second are a group of compounds called polymethoxylated flavones extracted from tangerine skin. Together these help balance the process of the lipids needed for cholesterol production.

What about diet?

Diet and exercise can have a positive effect on cholesterol balance. Please contact John Arts by phone or email john@abundant.co.nz if you would like a copy of John’s dietary advice for cardiovascular health.

How can I have more energy?

If you feel as your energy is low it is important to see your doctor to rule out out any medical cause of fatigue such as low iron or vitamin B12. If you are tired with no medical cause then a healthy diet, exercise and some supplements can help.

Vitamin D: Low energy can be a sign of low vitamin D. We recommend taking Abundant Health Vitamin D from Easter to Labour Weekend.

Cell-X: Cell-X can help support natural energy by supplying optimal amounts of the minerals and vitamins needed to produce the energy our cells need.

MTQ10: This is our most potent energy support supplement. MTQ10 combined a number of compounds our body uses to make the energy we need. These include Co enzyme Q10, B vitamins and Alpha Lipoic acid.

Who should take MTQ10?

There are a number of health conditions that negatively impact our cell mitochondria which are responsible for much of our energy. MTQ10 is a Mitochondrial support formula combining various compounds to help our natural energy processes. If you are unsure please ask Joh  Arts for personalised advice by emailing John at john@abundant.co.nz

What is Cell-X?

Cell-X is a multi-nutritional formula. It has been designed to include all the important micronutrients. These are the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants our bodies need to power the countless cell chemical reactions needed to make our bodies work.

Cell-X is really 3 products in one.

Cell-X  is a Multi-Antioxidant covering all the important antioxidant groups including potent OPC (grape seed), green tea, bilberry, goji, hesperidin, beta carotene,lycopene, lutein and vitamins C and E.

Cell-X is a complete Multi-Mineral with the major minerals calcium, potassium and magnesium. Cell-X includes the important trace minerals selenium, zinc, copper, iron, molybdenum,manganese, boron, vanadium and chromium. These are chelated which means the minerals are bonded to amino acids for maximum absorption.

A fossil ultra-trace trace mineral complex plus additional silica and iodine complete the mineral component. The third component is a comprehensive Multi-Vitamin with beta carotene (pro-vitamin A), a full B vitamin complex, vitamin C, natural vitamin E and vitamin D3.

What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are our front line defences against accelerated aging and damage to our cells. Many cell processes especially our energy systems generate ‘rogue’ oxygen and nitrogen molecules called ‘free radicals’. These are volatile chemicals that can damage cell structures leading to cell damage, cell death and trigger many degenerative diseases. 

Antioxidants can be put into 3 groups. Firstly the antioxidant enzymes we make from trace minerals. The second are the antioxidant vitamins especially vitamins A (from Beta carotene), Vitamin E and Vitamin C. 

What is Bettaflex?

Bettaflex has been specifically formulated to support damaged cartilage. This can help with mobility and comfort. We suggest you start with 1-2 months at a double dose of 2 twice daily before dropping to 3 daily then to the normal maintenance of 2 daily. This extra dose saturates joint tissue with the active ingredients. For best results, combine Bettaflex with Omega 3 . Even better, add Cell-X for even more joint support.

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