Which Abundant Health Products Should I use?

We recommend that most people use Cell-X combined with Abundant Health Omega 3 Fish Oil as their core maintenance supplements. Cell-X is really 3 products in one. Cell-X is a comprehensive multi andtioxidant, a comprehensive multi vitamin and a full multi-mineral. This will ensure that a person is getting all the main antioxidant groups, all the important vitamins, minerals and essential Omega 3 their cells need for healthy cell function. We recommend 2-4 capsules a day; 1-2 in the morning and 1-2 in the afternoon or evening with a glass of water after or with food.

Some people, because of factors like illness, age, stress, trauma recovery and regular toxin exposure such as cigarette smoking may benefit from using other Abundant Health supplements.

If anyone is unsure please contact John Arts at john@abundant.co.nz
Freight/Post charges

1. Within New Zealand

All order will have additional freight or postal charges except where specifically excluded. Freight will not be charged on:

  • All orders over $200
  • Sytrinol 3 Pack ( 3 bottles)
  • Cell-X 3 Pack ( 3 bottles)

2. Other Countries (including Australia)

Freight/postal charges will be made to all orders.

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