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Antioxidants – Grape Seed Extract – Immune Support

Antioxidants like OPC (grape seed extract) are essential to protect cells against free radical damage. OPC Plus is an OPC rich antioxidant that can be used either with CELL-X or by itself.

OPC Plus contains a blend of powerful antioxidants including grape seed extract (ActiVin), Bilberry, Green Tea, Goji (Wolfberry), Hesperidin, Quercetin and Vitamin C. OPC Plus introduces Alpha Lipoic acid and N-Acetylcysteine as ingredients that help the body both manufacture and recycle its own antioxidants such as glutathione to provide maximum cellular antioxidant reserves. OPC Plus contains ingredients specifically aimed at helping your immune system to perform at maximum ability including the polysaccharide rich Wolfberry and Reishi Mushroom. OPC Plus then adds 50+ Trace Minerals in a pure marine mineral extract.

Benefits of OPC Plus Maximum Strength Antioxidant

Supports a strong, well functioning cardiovascular system Supports our antioxidant defenses against free radical induced oxidative damage. It is ideal nutritional support during times of chronic illness and fatigue It is an outstanding Immune system support by promoting normal immune system function. Helps to strengthen our natural allergy defenses

Each Capsule Contains

OPC (ActiVin) 125 mg
Bilberry extract 25 mg
Green Tea extract 25 mg
Hesperidin 100 mg

Quercetin 100mg
Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) 200 mg
Wolfberry (Goji) extract 25 mg
Reishi mushroom extract 100 mg
Alpha Lipoic acid 10 mg
N Acetylcysteine 25 mg
50+ Trace Mineral complex 50 mg

OPC (ActiVin) is the most researched OPC available. It scavenges a wide range of free radicals thus providing excellent support to our antioxidant defences against free radical induced stress and cellular damage. As pure OPC, ActiVin also helps to extend the time other antioxidants such as vitamin C are held in the body. ActiVin is the most pure OPC available with maximum oligomeric proanthocyanadins.

Bilberry extract is a concentrated source of anthocyanins, and is a powerful antioxidant especially effective at supporting good capillary health and is why it is often found in good eye-health formulas.

Green Tea extract is the richest source of EGCG a polymer antioxidant 200 times more powerful than vitamin E and as such helps to promote healthy immune response in dealing both invaders and unwanted mutated cells.

Hesperidin is the main bioflavonoid found in citrus and research confirms that it is a powerful antioxidant and is important in supporting healthy blood vessels. Hesperidin is very synergistic with vitamin C. Vitamin C (as buffered calcium ascorbate) is an antioxidant that acts as a cell bodyguard and like all antioxidants is ready to sacrifice itself to neutralise free radicals. When taken with OPC and bioflavonoids, the life of vitamin C is greatly extended. Vitamin C is also required to help make collagen, the protein of connective tissues and is a co-factor to assist fat metabolism.

Reishi Mushroom extract is rich in Beta Glucan polysaccharides that are essential for proper functioning of the immune system. Beta Glucans are beneficial in normalising immune response and have many other immune response benefits. Reishi Mushroom extract is regarded as the best source of Beta Glucans.

Wolfberry (Goji) extract is from Chinese Wolfberry (Goji) and is regarded as one of the best health promoting plants on earth. While Wolfberries have many biologically active phytonutrients, it is included in OPC Plus because it is rich in lyceum polysaccharides, which provide outstanding immune system support. Additionally Wolfberry is a powerful antioxidant.

Alpha Lipoic acid helps our bodies make glutathione, our primary cellular antioxidant. Maintaining high levels of glutathione are essential for good health and research indicates that people with chronic disease often have low levels of this essential antioxidant.

N Acetylcysteine (NAC) is a form of the amino acid cysteine. Because it enhances the production of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione, one of the body’s powerhouse antioxidants, NAC can play an important role in supporting the immune system. Studies have shown that cellular glutathione levels are often reduced in people with certain health conditions related to the immune system.

Marine Trace Minerals have 50+ trace minerals containing the many rare trace minerals often missing from our soils. Trace minerals power numerous enzyme reactions for healthy cell function. This complex is extracted from fossil salt deposits and is a rich source of important trace elements.


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