Spotlight on Curcumin and OPC (Part 2)

I speak daily to people affected by inflammation. This commonly affects joints but can affect most types of body tissue. While we can feel the discomfort of joint inflammation we cannot feel inflammation of blood vessels till disease symptoms appear. Our immune system...

Spotlight on Curcumin and OPC (Part 1)

Most have heard of curcumin from turmeric and some about OPC from grape seeds. When used together these potent biologically active compounds can have profound health benefits. If you do some research you will find an extensive list of health problems that these 2...

Looking back to look forward

Looking back Twenty years is a long time. It was June 3rd 1998 that we established Abundant Health. At that time we really had one major goal. That was to provide high quality supplements that really made a difference. In those early years our products were all...

Benefits of Nutritional Medicine

The best thing about what I do is to work with those who have had the courage to try something different. And it does take courage for people to contact me. It is easy to slip into familiar patterns regarding our health whether that is in diet, supplements or the...

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