Looking back

Twenty years is a long time. It was June 3rd 1998 that we established Abundant Health. At that time we really had one major goal. That was to provide high quality supplements that really made a difference.

In those early years our products were all sourced ready-made from the USA. Our first product was OPC Plus, a grape seed extract (OPC) based antioxidant to which we soon added a comprehensive multi-mineral. The difference these made to people’s health was sometimes astounding.

Today our original OPC Plus is now in its 4th generation formulation. About 15 years ago we changed the mineral product into our Cell-X multi-mineral, multi-antioxidant and multi-vitamin and again the differences to client’s health have been excellent.

Abundant Health today

Over the last 20 years Abundant Health has evolved greatly.  I now formulate all the Abundant Health products. In most cases we import our high quality ingredients from the USA as not only is the quality excellent but the independent regulatory controls are strong.

While I have always given advice on supplements, 5 years ago I completed a clinical nutrition qualification (Nutritional Medicine) from a leading Australian institution. I chose this over a standard Nutrition degree as the focus was on clinical practice not just theory.

A helping hand

Today my time is mostly spent helping people improve their health by working to personalised programmes covering nutrition, appropriate supplements and lifestyle. In some cases this is a focus on specific problems such as joint problems, commonly osteoarthritis. However this can be much wider such as cardiovascular or respiratory health.

The best thing about what I do is to see often significant improvements in people’s health. In some cases this can be improvement in sore joints while for others it can be helping with hypertension or general circulation. It never ceases to amaze me how the body will respond when we give it what it needs.

How are you doing?

While we would like to turn back the years, the real goal is to be as healthy as is realistically possible given our age and circumstances. Often I speak to people who have sort of given up and just accept there is little that can be done to improve their health.

Today I was speaking with a client in her mid-70’s who had a range of problems including sore joints, very low energy and general diminished well-being. After 6 months her energy has returned, her aches and pains have reduced and feels really positive about the future.

Don’t accept there is nothing can be done. Of course we should all be proactive at maintaining health and preventing health problems. But do not forget that your body has powerful healing processes. In most cases we just need to tap into these and get much better results.

Feel free to contact me with questions or if you would like we can create a personalised programme to help you to move you towards better health.

John Arts

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