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Colloidal Silver - Liquid

Colloidal Silver - Liquid

Quantity: 210mls

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Silver has been used for its healing properties since the times of ancient Egypt. Today, silver is used in medicines, dressings and as a dietary supplement. These properties are now well established scientifically using modern methods. Unlike any other natural or man made remedy, Colloidal Silver has a broad spectrum of properties which assist in supporting immune response and many of our healing processes.

The correct preparation of Colloidal Silver not only effects it's effectiveness but also it's safety.  Natural Sense is made using a very strict quality laboratory control program with ultra-pure deionised bio-energised water & 99.9999% ultra-purity silver colloid 10ppm.  It is made under stringent quality control guidelines & is independently laboratory tested for purity & ppm levels to ensure it meets safety protocols.

The Natural HealthGiving Company’s Natural Sense Colloidal Silver is made of a mix of Non-ionic & ionic Collodial Silver providing maximum internal and external benefits.